I first learned about the story of Dr. John Francis in 2010 when I discovered his Ted Talk about having walked around Planet Earth without speaking a word for 17 years. This was a tremendous influence on my own pilgrimages of hundreds and thousands of miles, adventures that began shortly after I had seen and listened to his talk.

Several years later I was living in Seattle when I remembered his Ted Talk and thought I would see what he was up to now. I found his website and could tell it hadn’t been updated in quite awhile, so I reached out to John through email, told how he had inspired me and asked if I might be of service to his organization. He said he would love for me to help, which lead to creating the new website for his nonprofit called Planetwalk.

Planetwalk’s core mission is the development and coordination of a global network of Planetwalkers. It has been my honor to be connected with Dr. Francis and to call him both a friend and mentor.

If you would like to see my work in creating the website for Planetwalk, please visit


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